Financial Planning

Finding balance in your financial planning and investments is the key to creating harmony in your life’s pursuits. Your dreams and aspirations, your commitments and obligations, and your legacy are all intertwined with your unique financial reality. Helping clients find financial balance and harmony is a hallmark of Dominion Financial Group, Ltd. Discover the advantages our dedicated team of financial consultants can bring to your life’s pursuits.

This includes determining:

  • * When you can comfortably retire
  • * Help identify available income in retirement
  • * Social Security and pension timing and optimization
  • * When to withdraw from retirement accounts
  • * Properly planning  medical coverage in  retirement

Investment Decision-Making

This includes:


  • * Analyzing your investment portfolio
  • * Finding right asset allocation risk
  • * Minimizing investment risk for goals
  • * Opening and advising on your investment accounts
  • * Financial market education/analysis